10th Anniversary Edition
Walk down memory lane with us


Founding members meet in music competition Rockkarusellen


Skraeckoedlan is officially born, first line-up consists of: Robert Lamu, Henrik Grüttner, Rikard Lind, Martin Larsson
First live show is played at fundraiser for schools in Gaza
First demo is recorded in Studio Bombshelter with Ozo of Truckfighters producing


First demo is self-released
Rikard Lind leaves the band and is replaced by Tim Ångström
The band plays a number of shows around sweden, among them some at legendary venue Blå huset
Local newspaper article
Skraeckomobile mk1
Second demo is recorded in Studio Bombshelter with Ozo producing
Second demo is released digitally 


Debut album Äppelträdet is recorded, in Studio Bombshelter with Ozo producing
Skraeckoedlan signs with Transubstans records and releases Äppelträdet
First appearance at Krökbacken festival first edition
Interview with a local newspaper
Skraeckomobile mk2


Mesozoikum LP (First demos) is released
Demos cassette tape is released
Äppelträdet is released on LP
Second appearance at Krökbacken
Skraeckomobile mk3
First and aborted attempt at recording Sagor


Venue Blå Huset burns down
First European tour, with Silver Devil
Recording of drums for Sagor in The Overlook studio
Recording of bass for Sagor in Studio Underjord
Third appearance at Krökbacken
Supporting Orange Goblin
Band starts music education together at Boomtown
Recording of guitars for Sagor in Studio Underjord
Live at Studio Underjord is recorded


Vocals for Sagor are recorded in Dugout studios
Extra tracks for Sagor are recorded at Boomtown
Gig at Trästockfestivalen
Fourth appearance at Krökbacken
First show in Berlin
Henrik with Mattias IA Eklund


Single Flod is released
El monstro video is recorded
Album Sagor is released
Single Talisman is recorded
First shows in Finland, with Craneium
Band graduates from Boomtown
Fifth appearance at Krökbacken
First show in the UK


Black Temple/Skraeckoedlan Talisman/Lonely Place split is released
EU tour with Snowy Dunes
Pärlor is recorded
Sixt appearance at Krökbacken
Live at Studio Underjord pt II is recorded
Band, and Erik Berglund, wins best band and best producer at Dalecarlia Music Awards


Single Pärlor is released
Skraeckomobile mk IV
UK Tour with Prosperina
First appearance at Rock Im Wald
Seventh appearance at Krökbacken
Band supports Danko Jones for swedish tour
Recording of Earth starts


Tim Ångström leaves the band
Skraeckoedlan is a powertrio
Trio promo shoot
Kung mammut video is recorded
Eighth appearance at Krökbacken


Erik Berggren (Bass) joins the band
Eorþe is released
Spring tour with Vokonis in support of Eorþe begins
First appearance at Desertfest London
First appearance at Borgholm Brinner alongside In Flames, Opeth, At The Gates and more
Hanging out at Borgholm Brinner
Ninth appearance at Krökbacken
Krökbacken crowd
First appearance at Høstsabbat


The band is nominated for P3 Guld and Manifestgalan in the categories Best Rock/Metal and Best Metal respectively
The band plays a live streamed show from the historic Studio Gröhndal
Work begins on the follow up to Eorþe
Ahead of Äppelträdet’s 10th anniversary recording begins on new versions of Universe, Soluppgång and Doedaroedlan These were the first recordings with Erik Berggren on bass


Work on new album continues
Äppelträdet 10th - anniversary edition is released